Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Artiste 365 Challenge - Project #1

This is a birthday Card I made for my stepdad tonight. Today was his 51st birthday and I wanted to make him a cool birthday card with artiste. I chose this paper solely because some of the postage stamps has sailboats on them and my stepdad is big into sailing. 

One of my main goals of this 365 challenge is to show you techniques and projects you would never think of being able to do with this great cartridge! My favorite part of this card is a great technique I learned with my good friend Tracey from Garden of Grace. See the cool gears on this card, the one of the front and the one at the top of the tag inside the card? Looks just like metal doesn't it? Cool thing's not's paper! This look is accomplished by covering the object you are trying to get this look on with embossing ink. Then is a small container put some black embossing powder with a little bit of a metallic embossing powder. The ratio for this should be about 85% black embossing powder and 15% metallic embossing powder. I keep a series of storage containers with these mixtures in them. This particular one is my black mixed with copper embossing powder. 

Below is a list of the pages that the pieces I cut out for this card can be found in the Artiste Cricut book:
Base card/pocket: Page 38, shift key, card button
Gear tag: Page 38, card button
Gear on front: Page 39, shift key, accent 2 button

If you are interested in doing this card the links below will take you to the pages of my website where the products I used can be found :)
Let me know what you think of this project :)


  1. Love this - am a harley rider and have a harley ridin' hubby! This is totally a guy card!! Thanks for sharing - from your newest blog follower!!

  2. I am so glad you like it! I really wanted to make a cool guy card for my stepdads birthday and thought the gears on the cartridge would be a great way to make one. Thank you for becoming a glad to have you join us :)

  3. Love your card Mandy -- isn't it great that the Artiste is so versatile with all of the images? TFS :)


  4. Love this!! I have been itching to make some things with the gears on this cart but haven't had time yet. Your card is an inspiration! Great job :)


  5. Thanks Lucy! I do love Artiste!!! It is my favorite cartridge now!

  6. Thank you Laura! You are so sweet :) I had been itching to use them too. I am doing a steampunk themed Christmas tree that I am donating for a local charity event this November and I plan on using this cartridge a lot for it!

  7. I love your card! And thanks for the great tip on the embossing powder mixing!

  8. Such a beautiful card, Mandy!! Thanks for the link to my blog. :-) ~ Blessings, Tracey