Friday, August 17, 2012

My New Blog Header Graphic

Normally when a blog designs a new header graphic it's not a big deal. But I want to explain what makes my new one so special. When I was a kid I was very close to my Grandma. She is where I get my love of scrapbooking and crafting from. I have so many memories of sitting at her kitchen table, watching her soap operas on a little TV and doing a cool crafting project. I can remember being mesmerized at the wallpaper she had on the wall, it almost looked like wood or a grass pattern, and I loved it so much.

Well back in 2007 Grandma lost her battle with Alzheimer’s and I miss how sitting at her kitchen table made me feel so talented and crafty. A few years ago while cleaning in Grandma and Grandpas house we found a roll of that wallpaper that I spent so many afternoons looking at to get inspired. So as I move on with my scrapbooking business I had my very talented mom design my header graphic after scanning in a piece of the wallpaper. Notice all those pretty tan flowers? They are made using the pattern of the wallpaper! We may be making a few changes to the graphic over the next few weeks but this is our first attempt at something new and special. My hope is that as I log on to my blog to post new projects to share with all of you that this new header graphic helps to keep me inspired :)

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  1. Fabulous header, Mandy!! Love the personal touch of including that oh so special walpaper to create your flowers!! ~ Blessings, Tracey